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Manipulation of Spine Requiring Anesthesia, Any Region


Effective Date:05-01-1996

End Date:01-22-2004


The risks of manipulating a spine under anesthesia are considerable and the indications for this procedure under anesthesia are exceedingly rare. Based on lack of peer review literature in either the orthopedic or osteopathic journals, this procedure should be denied when used as a treatment for back pain. For treatment of a traumatic fracture and/or dislocation, CPT 22315 would be appropriate and all inclusive.

Coverage is not allowed for anesthesia related to this procedure.


Code 22505 relates to traumatic episodes involving major pathology of the spine rather than back pain. This is not designed as a chiropractic or osteopathic manipulative procedure but follows the fracture and/or dislocation series in the AMA, CPT book devoted to the spine and precedes the section on arthrodesis.




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