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Dynamic Cardiomyoplasty


Effective Date:04-01-1999

End Date:01-31-2007


Dynamic Cardiomyoplasty is not eligible for coverage as it is considered investigational.


DYNAMIC CARDIOMYOPLASTY is a supplement/alternative to medical therapy or as alternative/bridge to heart transplantation for patients with congestive heart failure. The surgical procedure uses a skeletal muscle graft from the abdomen which is wrapped around the failing heart for reinforcement. A Cardiomyostimulator (pacemaker-like device), is used to electrostimulate the skeletal muscle graft and condition it to induce fatigue resistance. This conditioning process usually lasts between two and three months. The skeletal muscle is eventually paced in synchrony with the patient's heart.

The Cardiomyostimulator has not yet received FDA approval. Therefore, dynamic cardiomyoplasty is only offered in the context of an FDA investigational device exemption (IDE) trial.




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